Business continuity in times of crisis

21/03/22 Wavenet
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How can we keep our businesses going when countries are “locked down” and travel restrictions are stopping people from travelling?

One way forward is to use digital tools and move physical interactions to online channels. We are all affected, and we need to keep business going. Everyone is in one way or another affected by the pandemic and this has included advances in technology. 

As people work remotely things get more complicated, at the same time we have more advanced technical tools than ever before and used in the right way it makes it possible to keep up the business almost as usual.

The digital transformation started years ago, and brands and organisations have already moved a large part of their business online, but in times like this it’s clear that it’s not enough – companies and organisations need to move physical customer meetings online!

Modern meeting technology will help your business

Today, internal meetings are often held via video and other team applications such as TeamsLink but meetings with external customers or citizens usually take place in the form of physical interaction.

If organisations can adapt quickly to the technical tools available and start to have digital interactions, sales meetings and advisory sessions via video, screen-sharing etc. many companies, municipalities and authorities can keep up their business and citizen service in a time like this.

With a digital calendar on your web, you can make your internal recourses digitally available and let customers and citizens book a time slot for a digital meeting where all the technical tools can be used.

The last thing we want is to give notice of termination to people, especially when the technical tools are available to keep the business going.


4 tips to help keep your business going:


  • Move staff from physical stores to your website, securing sales and service.

  • Increase conversion rate in the checkout by offering your customer chat support.

  • Move customer meetings from physical ones to secure digital channels, such as “Scheduled web meetings”.

  • Relieve traditional channels such as telephone and e-mail with more efficient digital channels.


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