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We help Housing Associations with their IT networks and cyber security provisions, helping them operate efficiently and securely, drive digital transformation, and enable social inclusivity.

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We have been working in partnership with housing associations for over 20 years, providing secure network solutions that can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, and ensure the security of sensitive tenant data.

Our expert team can help housing associations phase out legacy infrastructures and implement budget friendly solutions tailored to your business to better support your tenants and ensure the security of their data. We understand the unique challenges this sector faces and can offer solutions to help your organisation embrace technology and drive digital interaction. 

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The pace of technological change in the last few years has been dramatic with ‘digital first’ operations coming to the fore. Connectivity lies at the heart of innovation and efficiency within the UK housing sector. As housing associations seek to modernise operations, improve resident services, and optimise communication channels, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity has become paramount.

More housing associations are migrating to cloud-based platforms, benefitting from scalability and cost-efficiency, whilst relying on strong connectivity to securely store and access data. This integration of advanced technology and robust networks has revolutionised the housing sector, making it more efficient and accessible to all.

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A robust network infrastructure forms the backbone of efficient operations and seamless communication in the UK housing sector. As housing associations continue to embrace technology to streamline processes and improve resident services, it’s crucial to invest in and optimise your network infrastructure to meet the demands of modern connectivity. By designing a network architecture that is scalable and resilient, you can accommodate future growth and minimise downtime and disruptions.

Cyber Security

In recent years, the UK housing sector has undergone a significant digital transformation, with a growing reliance on technology to manage properties, communicate with residents, and streamline operations. However, with increased digitisation comes greater cybersecurity risks. Housing associations are responsible for large quantities of sensitive tenant data, and their systems are responsible for the wellbeing of communities.

With the ever-increasing resource demand, and expectations placed on social landlords by regulators and tenants, there is pressure to act quickly, mitigating risks and ensuring the protection of digital assets.

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Contact Centre

Technological change over the last few years has seen organisations adopt a ‘digital first’ approach. In many sectors this change has been welcomed, in the housing sector it can threaten to leave people behind, disrupt support systems and isolate those in need of help. While web portals and maintenance request applications have a strong role to play in the current and future relationships between housing associations and their tenants, one of their shortcomings is that certain members of the community – often those in most need of support – are unable to use them. A lack of access to technology, lack of IT literacy or disabilities can prevent tenants from accessing these platforms.

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“We feel safe and happy in Wavenet’s hands! We currently have 95% of our telephony and Broadband with Wavenet already, and are aiming to move the remaining 5% across too.”

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“Wavenet has helped us to build a resilient, fast and fully supported WAN network to enable us to be flexible to changing business needs and environmental changes like the pandemic.”

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“From procurement to delivery, Wavenet has been great to work with. Our account manager always endeavoured to make sure we got the best experience available.”

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