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Timely and expert managed services are just part of what we do

With over 30 years’ experience providing ‘designed-for-schools’ technology that is simple to use, easy to implement, and budget-friendly, our award winning range of products and services are being utilised by education establishments across the UK to enable their digital learning visions.

Our tailored solutions enable education leaders to tackle every aspect of their ICT environment and transition smoothly to new digital platforms and ensure everything works efficiently at all times. We offer access to specialists in every field – including networking, software, security, safeguarding and more.

  • Over 4,000 schools nationwide

  • ISBL Approved Partner

  • Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Google Cloud Partner

  • Microsoft Solutions Partner

  • Crown Commercial Service Supplier

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Service overview

ICT Services and Support for Schools

Wavenet is one of the UK’s leading education technology specialists. Across cloud, communications, network services, hardware and more, we can help your school or Trust deliver the best possible learning experiences, every single day.

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Cloud Services 

The events of the past few years have shown just how important it now is for schools and MATs to have access to digital education platforms. Ensuring that students can learn at home just as well as they can in a classroom is a top priority, particularly as connected apps and services continue to become an integral part of the education experience.

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With a Trust-led education system starting to become the norm, schools need to be able to communicate easily and effectively with one another on a daily basis. What’s more, as schools continue to grow, so too does the need to deliver critical information to parents and staff at scale. 

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Network Services

Network services are the backbone of the modern education environment, providing the connectivity needed to empower collaborative interactive learning. Outdated networks and connections are a blocker to success, preventing schools and MATs from capitalising on the next-generation tools and apps that are helping to redefine the nature of learning.

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Cyber Security

With threats continuing to mount, cyber security has become one of the most pressing technology challenges facing MATs and schools today. Whether they’re looking to gain access to sensitive information, bring down critical services, or something else entirely, cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated both in terms of the techniques they use and their ultimate end goal.

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Support Services

We pride ourselves on delivering technology that is both easy to use and dependable. At the same time, we know that MATs and schools sometimes need a little extra help with realising the true value of their technology investments. That’s why we also offer a range of support services that stretch from specific applications through to general consulting.

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Audio Visual

Modern Audio Visual (AV) equipment augments the learning experience, helping teachers engage with students and spark their imaginations. From interactive learning experiences that make it easier for pupils to absorb key information quickly, through to podcasts and audiobooks that bring learning to life in whole new ways, the right AV equipment can play a critical role in delivering better outcomes for all.

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Connect the Classroom

If your school falls within the education investment areas you could be eligible for a free Wi-Fi upgrade.

Wavenet has worked with specialist teams within the DfE for many years delivering multiple ICT projects for a large number of schools, so are well placed to help you through the process and deliver stable, secure and high speed networks into your school. Our team of accredited engineers have implemented 100’s of networks into schools with minimum disruption on budget and on time.

Is your school eligible for a free Wi-Fi upgrade? Contact us today to see how we can help your school your Wireless infrastructure.

  • Over £7 million funding already secured
  • Free site survey
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Installation and support


As a specialist managed ICT solution provider for education, we’ve helped MATs across the country address all sorts of challenges including reducing organisational complexity, consolidating vendors, suppliers and spend, integrating and merging platforms and removing silo working and more. We’ve helped MATs transform how their schools operate and consume the services they need.

As part of this process, we optimise how MATs invest their ICT budgets - enabling them to leverage economies of scale via a centralised purchasing model and future-proof their technology strategy.

  • Single point of contact across the MAT
  • Remote monitoring
  • Transparent contracts
  • ICT best practice
  • Network health checks
Teacher and students using a computer.
Children using a laptop.

Independent Schools

Independent Schools operate a vast array of networked IT infrastructure, devices and software solutions to ensure teachers can provide the very best teaching environment for their pupil’s and deliver on their commitments to parents. In today’s ever evolving landscape of digital technology and the education sectors unique logistical and compliance requirements it’s imperative that schools have the right IT infrastructure, planning and support in place to deliver the very best for their students.

Wavenet are the UKs leading technology provider for independent schools with over 30 years’ experience providing tailored technology solutions. We provide reliable IT support, services, and expertise to help streamline every aspect of your ICT environment and initiate future-proofed, secure IT strategies that pave the way for innovative and safe learning outcomes.

Ready to streamline every aspect of your ICT environment?