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Providing healthcare organisations including NHS Trusts and GP Surgeries with secure, reliable IT networks and communication tools – helping them to collaborate, work online and harness digital technology.  

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Wavenet is one of the UK’s leading healthcare technology and communications specialists. Across cloud, communications, network services, hardware and more, we provide network and infrastructure solutions that are secure, and have measures in place to reduce latency and downtime. 

We have been working with the NHS and healthcare organisations for over 20 years’, providing high speed connectivity to over 600 hospitals, hospices and GP surgeries, in addition to helping healthcare providers across the country assess and improve their security provision.

Our expert team help hospitals and surgeries to phase out problematic legacy infrastructures and implement robust networks to cope with current and future demands. We understand the issues and needs of healthcare workers and can offer a one-stop solution to your communication and IT needs.

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As digitisation accelerates across the health and social care sector, demand for bandwidth is increasing by 30% year on year. Faster, more reliable, ‘always on’ connectivity is needed to support new and emerging models of care.

With more healthcare providers migrating to cloud-based platforms, they benefit from scalability and cost-efficiency, whilst relying on strong connectivity to securely store and access patient data. This integration of advanced technology and robust networks has revolutionised the way healthcare is delivered, making it more efficient, accessible, and patient-centric.

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The UK’s healthcare sector is continually expanding its reliance on digital technologies and data-driven solutions. To support this transformation, a resilient network infrastructure is essential.

Wavenet, in partnership with Extreme Networks, delivers the end-to-end clinical-grade infrastructure solutions that healthcare organisations need to meet the reliability, scalability, and intelligence required for life, patient and mission critical initiatives.

Cyber Security

The UK healthcare sector increasingly relies on digital technology to improve patient care and streamline operations, making the NHS a significant target for cyber criminals. Hackers look to exploit sensitive patient data or demand money by holding organisations to ransom. This take-down of healthcare workers’ access to IT networks, leads to data loss and dangerous security breaches.

The risk of an insecure network and its connected medical devices goes far beyond stolen medical records. In an environment full of life critical devices, patient safety is of the utmost importance and a security breach can lead to essential medical equipment being compromised or put out of use.

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Contact Centre

It is essential that Contact Centre communications are operating effectively and securely. Whether you’re setting up from scratch, have a small contact centre, or manage multiple sites, Wavenet can help with reliable technology that integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure.

Wavenet has been approved by the NHS ‘Better Purchasing Framework’ as an accredited provider of advanced cloud-based GP telephone solutions. GP Voice is an affordable, cloud-based telephony solution that allows GP practices to transition from legacy phone systems to a flexible, adaptable communication system that continually meets the demands of busy practices.

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"The proof of concept went as well as it possibly could have, the process of integrating new systems and protocols was managed seamlessly."

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust


"From start to finish, this project was one of the smoothest I've managed. The Wavenet team were outstanding. With a polished plan ready to go, the step by step process was painless and quick."

Kidney Research UK


"Wavenet is on-the-ball in terms of maintenance. If there is ever a problem such as a cable being knocked out, they are on the phone immediately to sort it out."

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult


"The project with Wavenet was exceptionally well managed, in really good and controlled manner. They followed it through and delivered on their promises."

The Disabilities Trust Group

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