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Healthcare organisations need to provide excellent communications to the public, over a diverse range of platforms.

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Integrated user experience solutions

Integrated user experience solutions are designed to eliminate isolated data and place your CRM at the centre of the agent workspace, enabling you to provide a consistent and personalised service.

Today’s users are digitally enabled and frequently interact via multiple devices. An integrated user experience allows for interaction across multiple channels, including voice calls, emails, chat, SMS, and more, without ‘losing the thread’. By allowing users to engage with your healthcare organisation through their preferred channel, you are providing increased convenience and accessibility. Agents also benefit as they can gain greater understanding from each interaction, allowing them to provide more efficient and effective support.

By giving both agents and users the best experience of your healthcare organisation via this intelligent and intuitive technology, you can benefit from:

  • Streamlined operations with all the data you need in one centralised place.

  • Better job satisfaction, engagement, and retention due to enhanced agent experience.

  • Faster, less repetitive user experiences.

  • Automated transactional processes.

  • Reduce over-staffing, call-handling times, and costs.

  • Increase first-contact resolutions.

Wavenet Storm is a solution that aims to reduce the number of desktop and micro service integrations by doing as much as possible on a single platform. It focuses on providing a seamless and consistent experience for users, regardless of the channel they choose to interact with.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Wavenet’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables healthcare organisations to automate repetitive tasks within the Contact Centre. At the leading edge of Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, we can help you automate tasks such as data entry, patient verification, routing queries, generating reports and more.

By automating these processes, your Contact Centre can significantly reduce manual effort, minimise errors and improve operational efficiency. Contact Centre RPA allows your agents to focus on complex, high-value interactions, and enhance the quality of your customer service. Automatic identification and verification (ID&V) will further increase user satisfaction, leading to improved outcomes and a competitive edge in this patient-centric landscape.

GP Voice

Wavenet has been approved by the NHS ‘Better Purchasing Framework’ as an accredited provider of advanced cloud-based GP telephone solutions. GP Voice is an affordable, cloud-based telephony solution that allows GP practices to transition from legacy phone systems to a flexible, adaptable communication system that continually meets the demands of busy practices. The system offers the ideal combination of powerful, yet intuitive call handling and recording, automated appointment setting and a wealth of management information.

GP Voice integrates seamlessly with existing clinical systems to provide real-time performance analytics that enable primary care practices to be more data driven and make better informed decisions. The cloud-based telephony solution is implemented onsite and is easy to use, supports all Internet browsers and integrates with softphones to enable employees to work off site if required. Full training of the new system is also delivered onsite to the entire team.

To find out more about the next generation of cloud-based communications, visit our dedicated GP Voice page.

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Why Wavenet?

It is essential that Contact Centre communications are operating effectively and securely. Whether you’re setting up from scratch, have a small contact centre, or manage multiple sites, Wavenet can help with reliable technology that integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure. We previously designed the NHS 111 Contact Centre, routing communication around the country to different call centres and agents working from home.

What our customers say

The proof of concept went as well as it possibly could have, the process of integrating new systems and protocols was managed seamlessly

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

From start to finish, this project was one of the smoothest I've managed. The Wavenet team were outstanding. With a polished plan ready to go, the step by step process was painless and quick.

Kidney Research UK

Wavenet is on-the-ball in terms of maintenance. If there is ever a problem such as a cable being knocked out, they are on the phone immediately to sort it out.

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

The project with Wavenet was exceptionally well managed, in really good and controlled manner. They followed it through and delivered on their promises.

The Disabilities Trust Group

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