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As digitisation accelerates across the health and social care sector, more reliable, ‘always on’ connectivity is needed to support new and emerging models of care. 

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Connecting the healthcare sector

As digitisation accelerates across the health and social care sector, demand for bandwidth is increasing by 30% year on year. Faster, more reliable, ‘always on’ connectivity is needed to support new and emerging models of care.

With more healthcare providers migrating to cloud-based platforms, they benefit from scalability and cost-efficiency, whilst relying on strong connectivity to securely store and access patient data. This integration of advanced technology and robust networks has revolutionised the way healthcare is delivered, making it more efficient, accessible, and patient-centric.

Wavenet has a proven track record in the healthcare sector, providing a range of communication, high speed connectivity and safeguarding services to over 600 hospitals, hospices, and GP surgeries as part of the HSCN project, as well as 70% of London’s private hospitals.

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Operational efficiency and patient care

Wireless devices allow medical institutions to provide higher levels of care while helping to reduce costs. Today, there are devices in patient rooms that send vital signs and alerts to the nurse’s station, Bluetooth can be used to monitor pacemakers, doctors can pull MRI results up on iPads and more. However, each new technical step forward requires an ever-increasing level of network capability and sophistication.

Strong connectivity ensures seamless communication among healthcare professionals, allowing them to share vital patient information, discuss treatment plans, and consult with specialists regardless of geographical barriers. Telehealth services increase personalisation and rely on strong connectivity to enable remote consultations, reducing the need for in-person visits, and improving healthcare accessibility. Whilst digital health records require reliable connectivity for the secure and instant access to patient data.

Without a reliable and efficient healthcare Internet connection, patient happiness can be jeopardised and staff productivity can be damaged, with key workers unable to access their high-level research and secure communications.

Gigabit Pathway

Hospitals have costly, complex, and extremely challenging everyday operations. Gigabit Networks provide ultra-fast and ultra-reliable Internet access with a dedicated bandwidth to tackle the ever-evolving problems faced by the healthcare sector in this digital revolution.

As a Cityfibre City Champion, Wavenet allows hospitals and clinics to worry about what really matters. We give you the tools and capabilities of reliable Internet connectivity to make a difference in people’s lives. By helping to identify individual site-level connectivity requirements, we can recommend a suitable connectivity option that delivers access to a fast and efficient network.

Gigabit Pathway for Health provides a range of expertise, technical and commercial resources. Our GigaPure Ethernet Direct product provides a fast and reliable healthcare Internet connection. Since our ultra-fast, ultra-reliable PureFibre network offers speeds of up to 10Gbps, your connection can expand with your business, meaning your investment is always future-proofed.

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HSCN (Health and Social Care Network)

When providing connectivity solutions for healthcare organisations, there can be no margin for error. Be it a GP’s office or a hospital trust, people are dependent on resilient services that are up to the task. Wavenet are proud to be Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) compliant – we were one of the first companies to be awarded Stage 2 compliance after our close partnership with NHS Digital.

NHS Digital has been at the forefront of efforts to digitise healthcare. Initiatives like the NHS app and NHS login facilitate patient access to health services. HSCN is a dedicated network designed to provide secure and reliable connectivity to healthcare organisations, ensuring the safe exchange of patient data among NHS and social care providers.

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Why Wavenet?

Enhancing connectivity in the UK healthcare sector is no longer a luxury but a necessity. As technology continues to advance, we are on the path to a more connected, patient-centric healthcare system that will benefit both healthcare providers and the people they serve. The healthcare sector must keep pace to ensure better patient outcomes, improved access to care and increased efficiency.

What our customers say

The proof of concept went as well as it possibly could have, the process of integrating new systems and protocols was managed seamlessly

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

From start to finish, this project was one of the smoothest I've managed. The Wavenet team were outstanding. With a polished plan ready to go, the step by step process was painless and quick.

Kidney Research UK

Wavenet is on-the-ball in terms of maintenance. If there is ever a problem such as a cable being knocked out, they are on the phone immediately to sort it out.

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

The project with Wavenet was exceptionally well managed, in really good and controlled manner. They followed it through and delivered on their promises.

The Disabilities Trust Group

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