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In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, a reliable and efficient network infrastructure is paramount.

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Transform your network

The UK’s healthcare sector is continually expanding its reliance on digital technologies and data-driven solutions. To support this transformation, a resilient network infrastructure is essential.

Wavenet, in partnership with Extreme Networks, delivers the end-to-end clinical-grade infrastructure solutions that healthcare organisations need to meet the reliability, scalability, and intelligence required for life, patient and mission critical initiatives.

To find out more about the tailored network solutions we offer, visit our dedicated Extreme Partner page.

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Automation, machine learning and monitoring technology

Hospital rooms are flooded with technology and applications that monitor and submit patient critical data to clinical devices like Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. These use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) applications to enable healthcare providers to accelerate workflow, streamline processes, enhance treatment plans, and reduce cost.

Real-time health systems require data and intelligence to achieve Proactive Situational Awareness and clinical efficiency. With Wavenet’s Automated Campus architecture, and partnership with Extreme Networks, you can redefine your network and embrace digital transformation. We provide the insights needed to enhance patient and clinician experience via a resilient, self-healing network with comprehensive analytics, intelligent hyper-segmentation, and bandwidth optimisation.

Without a reliable and efficient healthcare Internet connection, patient happiness can be jeopardised and staff productivity can be damaged, with key workers unable to access their high-level research and secure communications.

Resilient Wi-Fi infrastructure

Wi-Fi in the healthcare sector has become a necessity. Whether it’s connecting workstations on wheels, barcode scanners, IV infusion pumps or phones, the network must be capable of connecting all Wi-Fi enabled devices that hospitals and medical facilities use for real-time clinical care.

With resilient Wi-Fi infrastructure from Wavenet and Extreme Networks, healthcare organisations will gain an efficient means to on-board and manage critical medical devices with the necessary security capabilities for patient data compliance.

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Monitoring and visibility for connected medical devices

Healthcare organisations face increasing challenges due to the influx of device types running on a network, including personal devices and life critical medical equipment. The ability to deliver a consistent user experience across all devices is critical to clinical efficiency. Patient care is reliant on instant, safe and secure connectivity to all applications that are needed.

Wavenet, partnering with Extreme Networks, provides real-time application visibility and performance monitoring to ensure critical devices are working when and how they are supposed to. With a centralised, cloud-driven management system, monitoring is streamlined and simplified, resulting in an optimised workflow.

Secure healthcare network

A constant risk to hospitals and patients is the danger of unapproved applications and rogue devices appearing on the network to either permit unauthorised access or interfere with devices. Safeguarding critical patient information and meeting regulatory compliance is essential to protect patients, facilities, and devices from this ever-present threat of cybersecurity breaches. Having a means to monitor all devices and applications across the network is vital for the healthcare sector.

Wavenet, in partnership with Extreme Networks, will create a well-structured, robust healthcare network that facilitates the secure and seamless sharing of patient data and device usage, through policy-based, state-of-the-art, end-to-end hyper-segmentation.

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Why Wavenet?

A robust network infrastructure is vital to the UK healthcare sector’s digital transformation. It enables efficient data sharing, supports telehealth, and ensures the integrity of patient information. Overcoming challenges and implementing a reliable and secure network is a technological requirement that will deliver better healthcare services and improved patient outcomes.

What our customers say

The proof of concept went as well as it possibly could have, the process of integrating new systems and protocols was managed seamlessly

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

From start to finish, this project was one of the smoothest I've managed. The Wavenet team were outstanding. With a polished plan ready to go, the step by step process was painless and quick.

Kidney Research UK

Wavenet is on-the-ball in terms of maintenance. If there is ever a problem such as a cable being knocked out, they are on the phone immediately to sort it out.

Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

The project with Wavenet was exceptionally well managed, in really good and controlled manner. They followed it through and delivered on their promises.

The Disabilities Trust Group

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