Housing Associations’ IT networks: How SASE is helping security and networking converge

30/11/23 Wavenet
Housing Associations’ IT networks

In this blog post we explore how SASE helps Housing Associations and Local Government Associations deliver more secure and agile working environments.

Why is security in housing associations’ IT networks is important

Remote working and the increased use of cloud-based apps have meant that the control IT ops and security teams have over their networks has been eroded. For housing associations and local government authorities, who have responsibility for large quantities of sensitive tenant data, and whose systems are responsible for the wellbeing of communities, this erosion has the potential to become a major issue.

In recent years, we have also seen increased adoption in decentralised working, with the increased use of cloud solutions allowing field workers to access information on-site, working from home, and an increasing dependence on web-based platforms to interact with the public.

Remote working means a potential weakness in security because devices are connecting to the network from outside of the traditional network ‘edge’ (i.e. outside of the physical cabling / internal Wi-Fi of the office) so you need a combination of better network flexibility (SD Wan) plus better security (Zero Trust).

Operating with agility

In the housing space, being able to operate with agility is also important: the housing sector is facing ever increasing resource demands, and the many expectations placed on social landlords by regulators and tenants, mean that staff are under pressure to deliver quickly.

Being able to offer more agile working environments is, therefore, a key concern of many Housing Associations and LSAs. Cloud solutions can provide Housing Associations with increased compute power when they need it, together with access to the network from a range of devices whenever they need it. You can also easily deploy new resources as and when needed to stay responsive to changing demands.

How we can help

Cato SASE products provide an opportunity to redress the situation by providing consolidation of, and greater control over, security and networking across the cloud and the network edge.

SASE offers both global availability and instant connectivity, to ensure that you can connect to the network from wherever you are. Security is increased by unifying the level of protection across all apps and using identity-based policies to employ a zero-trust security. Complexity and costs are also reduced by including no hidden costs and allowing all costs to be charged as CAPEX.

To find out more about the benefits that Cato, in partnership with Wavenet can offer, contact us today.

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