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A robust network infrastructure forms the backbone of efficient operations and seamless communication in the UK housing sector.

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Wavenet and SASE

As housing associations continue to embrace technology to streamline processes and improve resident services, it’s crucial to invest in and optimise your network infrastructure to meet the demands of modern connectivity. By designing a network architecture that is scalable and resilient, you can accommodate future growth and minimise downtime and disruptions.

In today’s digital world, housing organisations rely on technology to effectively do their jobs. It is important to continually evaluate new solutions, processes, and workflows that support smart housing services. SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge, it’s a technology that provides both network and security functions as a cloud computing service, connecting directly to the source of the data rather than via a data centre.

By embracing cloud-based services and applications like SASE, you can seamlessly integrate on-premise and cloud resources to ensure secure and efficient connectivity, whilst benefitting from enhanced scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. Wavenet, in partnership with SASE, will help you to enable secure remote working and improve your access to global applications, wherever you are.

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How SASE can help security and networking

With remote working becoming ever more prevalent among housing sector employees, the use of cloud services is often required. However, many of the current networking and security solutions used by the housing sector still use old hardware networks, often incompatible with cloud-centric and mobile-first ways of working. These networks are rigid and static, and security is heavily fragmented across multiple domains. Together, network and isolated security systems slow down work rather than enabling innovation and agility.

With a SASE network architecture, you can unify your network and security tools into one single, global cloud service that allows employees and resources to be located anywhere. SASE products provide an opportunity to have greater control over security and networking across the cloud and network edge. You can reduce the cost and effort required to maintain complex and fragmented infrastructure and reduce the risk of a security breach and data loss with increased security options.

Key benefits of SASE

Secure Network

With SASE, users can collaborate from anywhere across your network, without fear of compromising infrastructure security. In the housing sector, this is especially important when it comes to knowing tenant data is safe from external sources.

An identity driven, default-deny approach to security greatly improves your security posture. Even if a malicious user compromises a network asset, Zero Trust Network Access can limit the damage done. SASE security services can establish a baseline for normal network behaviour, enabling a more proactive approach to network security and threat detection. With a solid baseline, malicious behaviour is easier to detect, contain, and prevent.

Improved service agility

By leveraging the key capabilities of cloud networks, SASE architecture provides the agility and flexibility you need. There is no need to maintain on-premise infrastructure, it’s easy to deploy new resources, and you can quickly and easily deliver networking and security provisions to all devices, applications, and users, regardless of location.

Wavenet, in partnership with SASE, will help you deliver an optimised network with powerful security. You can easily connect physical locations, cloud resources, and mobile users to SASE Cloud, giving you the agility of a unified network and security service, managed through a single, self-service console.

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Full visibility and control

SASE provides the end-to-end visibility and control you need to manage your network and security. With in-depth network visibility, you can improve security through stricter policy enforcement and rapid detection of malicious behaviour. Additionally, network visibility can improve network analytics and application profiling. This enables better reporting, more informed decision making, and improved capacity planning.

Infrastructure management

Being on one single service provider, SASE helps to increase operational efficiency by reducing the work needed to maintain on-premise network and security infrastructure – allowing your team to focus on delivering better customer service and value across the board.

Network monitoring tools and management platforms proactively monitor the health, performance, and security of your network infrastructure. By monitoring network traffic, bandwidth utilisation and device status, you can identify potential issues, troubleshoot problems, and optimise network performance.

Cost effective

SASE includes all networking and security functions in one package, eliminating the cost of purchasing point solutions. The capabilities you require are built-in not bolted on and there is no need to size, scale or maintain the service.

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Why Wavenet?

By prioritising the optimisation of network infrastructure, you can enhance connectivity, improve operational efficiency, and strengthen security to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape, while delivering superior services to your residents and stakeholders.

Wavenet will help you adhere to best practice in network design and management, essential for achieving optimal results and maximising the value of technology investments.

What our customers say

We feel safe and happy in Wavenet’s hands! We currently have 95% of our telephony and Broadband with Wavenet already, and are aiming to move the remaining 5% across too.

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Wavenet has helped us to build a resilient, fast and fully supported WAN network to enable us to be flexible to changing business needs and environmental changes like the pandemic.

Platform Housing Group

From procurement to delivery, Wavenet has been great to work with. Our account manager always endeavoured to make sure we got the best experience available.

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