How Wavenet can transform your housing associations' communication

21/11/23 Wavenet
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Transforming the way Housing Associations communicate with people.

Amid these testing times, housing associations are pooling resources, and maintaining a flow of clear and accurate information to their communities, stakeholders and staff. However, some organisations still use traditional contact centre and communication tools, which restrict staff working from home or remotely effectively. Increased inbound calls have also resulted in long wait times, impacting service delivery. 8x8 Cloud communications technology helps thinly-stretched organisations to ensure seamless business continuity while offering a blueprint for future business resilience and agility.

Practical examples for Housing Associations

Debt collection and Revenue management

Communicate with your residents using their preferred method of communication to improve engagement rates.

Reminders and notifications
  • Automated reminders: send a notification when payment is due via text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and many more social media platforms.
  • Payment received notifications: ensure your residents are notified when payments are processed.
  • Real-time updates: live alerts to flag the status of an account.

Live Video Support

From wellbeing check-ins to reporting repairs our Video Interaction API lets you be there, even when you can’t. Live support with the click of a link.

No More “Wasted” Repair Trips

With our video API, problems can be diagnosed or solved remotely to streamline processes and create efficiencies, so your repair and maintenance operatives are focused on completing the jobs they have been allocated.

Solve Issues Faster

Interact with people in real-time. Whether an expert is advising a repair operative or an outreach working is checking in, our Live Video Interaction tool lets repair and maintenance operatives, and customer support staff solve issues the moment residents need help.

Live Video Benefits
  • Remote Support - Improve satisfaction scores, decrease costs, and provide better support to field agents.
  • Repairs - Resolve issues faster by seeing the damage, reduce resource costs and virtually onboard new residents.
  • Improve Engagement - Walk residents through documents, encourage users to self-service, and build trust.
  • Social support - Decrease walk-ins with live video consultations and remote monitoring of the progress.

SMS reminders and notifications

Reinvent the way your residents engage with your organisation by leveraging our SMS service to send and receive messages in minutes. There are two ways to start using the 8x8 SMS service – either through our API or with our web based Campaign Manager.

SMS in action

All of the following become easy with the 8x8 platform:

  • Appointment notifications: ensure your residents ready for an appointment.
  • Customer feedback: make it easy for residents to confirm appointments or provide feedback.
  • One-Time Passwords (OTP): enhance data security by sending customers an OTP to authenticate their access to online apps.
  • Real-time updates: send repair status updates or the latest local information.
SMS Benefits
  • Intelligent message routing automatically selects the best SMS routes to improve delivery rates.
  • Auto adaptation adapts messages, phone numbers, and Sender ID formats to ensure successful delivery.
  • Send 1-way or 2-way individual and bulk SMS messages quickly and easily, anywhere in the world.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics: track your SMS performance expenditure and delivery receipts for all messages.
  • Easy integration.
  • Send messages from your company name with custom sender ID.

 Wavenet, in partnership with 8x8 is here to help bring voice, video, chat and contact centre communication together.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your organisation here.

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