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31/01/24 Wavenet
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Almost 70% of CEOs believe their network maturity level is impeding business progress.

Robust and advanced connectivity solutions have never been more crucial to success – but how can companies ensure their networks not only meet current demands, but are poised for future growth?

The answer is simple: it’s not just about finding a solution provider, but a strategic partner who understands the expanding connectivity challenges faced by modern digital businesses.

Here’s how Extreme Networks are changing the game for over 50,000 leading organisations worldwide.

Unparalleled reliability

Downtime isn’t just disruptive, it’s a serious issue. Not only can it lead to significant financial losses, but it can also cause irreparable damage to an organisation’s reputation. Every moment of inactivity means missed opportunities, delayed projects and unhappy customers. And when it comes to brand loyalty, nothing will undermine trust and confidence faster than erratic service.

The solution: ExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ is a cloud-driven networking solution that significantly enhances reliability. By leveraging cloud technology, it ensures that network policies and configurations are consistently applied across all devices, reducing the likelihood of errors that lead to downtime.

Using real-time visibility and analytics, ExtremeCloud IQ proactively identifies and resolves issues to reduce disruptions. And, with centralised management, updates and maintenance are streamlined, which results in a more efficient network infrastructure that enables organisations to stay ahead of potential challenges.

Innovative network management and security

Network management and security is becoming increasingly complicated. As digital transformation takes over the modern business landscape, there are more devices and data than ever before, and advanced networking solutions are vital for dealing with the boom in network traffic.

Alongside this, the growing risk of sophisticated cyberattacks requires robust security measures to safeguard networks against hackers.

The solution: ExtremeCloud IQ SD-WAN

The ExtremeCloud IQ SD-WAN solution leverages advanced cloud-driven technology to intelligently route traffic across the network based on real-time conditions and application demands. This allows for dynamic adjustments, ensuring that critical applications are prioritised while less time-sensitive traffic is re-routed. This provides businesses with enhanced agility, enabling them to adapt and flex to changing network demands without the need for extensive hardware changes.

Extreme’s solution includes advanced security features such as encryption, threat detection and intrusion prevention to safeguard data from threats. By enabling businesses to enforce consistent security policies across the entire network, ExtremeCloud also ensures network-wide security that plugs any vulnerable gaps.

Seamless wireless connectivity

The rising demand for wireless infrastructure is a challenge for organisations that are striving to provide seamless connectivity. The growing number of wireless devices, data-intensive applications and high-density environments puts a huge strain on network capacity, causing congestion and slower speeds. There’s a fine balance to be struck between the need for increased network capacity and performance, which requires innovative solutions designed to empower businesses with reliable connectivity.

The solution: ExtremeWireless

ExtremeWireless leverages cutting-edge technologies, including AI-driven analytics, to optimise wireless network performance. This ensures that coverage is not only widespread, but also that businesses have access to an adaptive solution that enables network resources to be managed efficiently. Analytics features give organisations detailed insights into network usage, enabling them to proactively address potential issues.

Scalability and flexibility

In an era where business survival relies on the ability to adapt to evolving demands, network solutions are a vital tool. A scalable and flexible network allows businesses to expand their operations, accommodate increasing data traffic and integrate new technologies seamlessly. This adaptability is particularly important as new technologies emerge, marking the difference between those who can flex to meet ever-changing requirements, and those who are likely to get left behind.

Without scalability and flexibility, organisations risk network congestion, reduced performance and operational inefficiencies. Inflexible networks may struggle to accommodate traffic spikes, affecting the overall user experience and holding the business back from innovating or responding quickly to market changes. Businesses need networks that can scale with ease, ensuring they remain agile and competitive.

The solution: ExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ, a cloud-driven networking solution, allows businesses of all sizes to effortlessly scale their networks based on evolving needs while ensuring adaptability to changing conditions.

This solution centralises network management in the cloud, providing organisations with the flexibility to optimise their resources and integrate new technologies. Its scalable architecture grows to meet increased demand without compromising performance, whilst offering businesses a way to cost-effectively expand their network infrastructure without the need for pricey hardware.

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