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Your network: Powering your organisation’s future

25/03/22 Wavenet
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You might think that all data networks are the same, or that it’s not the infrastructure that counts when it comes to connectivity, it’s what you do with it. You might have heard that your internet is like your gas supply: the only difference between one supplier and the next is price.

But connectivity isn’t like that. It takes a remarkable feat of technological engineering to transfer the document on your computer to another device halfway across the world. The network your data travels across can determine how quickly that document arrives, and - on occasion - if it even arrives at all.

Now think of everything else your business does with connectivity, every single day. Your Voice over IP (VoIP) customer service calls need to be crystal clear. If you send critical information to applications in the cloud, you have to trust that it will get there. Your e-commerce experience needs to be smooth, seamless, and always available.

We could mention a hundred more, but you get the point. Reliable connectivity is essential to business success. Speed is of the essence, and downtime a disaster. The network you choose for your digital applications and online activity can either power your organisation’s ambitions, or leave you in the slow lane.


Delivering confidence

In a word, reliable connectivity gives you the confidence to innovate and grow your business. If you can trust the underlying infrastructure, you can press ahead with digital transformation plans, adapt to new circumstances and experiment with the very latest apps and services.

We’re supported by BT Wholesale to help you bring you remarkable, reliable connectivity to your customers. When you choose our connectivity services, your data travels the same network as information from the UK’s 999 emergency service. This infrastructure is trusted by a host of critical services, NHS hospitals and public organisations, as well as countless businesses large and small.

In short, our network reliable end to end, whether in terms of capacity, speed or security. Having resilience as a foundation gives you the freedom to exploit the very latest digital tools and services and make your business better.


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A network to rely on

So, what do we mean by ‘reliable’? Every provider says you can trust their network, but how many of them can say they offer 99.999% network availability? We can. In fact, resilience is hard baked into our infrastructure. Our network is engineered to never exceed 50% utilisation, so there’s always plenty of capacity to spare.

It all adds up to far less downtime, far more productivity, and the capacity you need to experiment and innovate. And because we’re a BT Wholesale Elite partner, we’re able to offer Full-fibre FTTP connectivity wherever it’s available. BT is investing £1.2bn in rolling out this ultrafast next generation connectivity to over 20 million properties, so if it hasn’t reached you yet, it may well do soon.


Security at its core

Which is all very well, but fast and reliable connectivity also needs to be secure. A poorly defended network is an open front door into your critical data and applications.

Therefore, it’s reassuring to know that because we’re supported by BT Wholesale, our network is protected by 3,000 security experts, who test and monitor the infrastructure 24 hours a day. BT Wholesale works with 300 specialist security vendors to offer true end-to-end protection and processes 1.8 million checks per second to proactively hunt down threats. In other words, let us worry about security, so you don’t have to.

And that is, in a nutshell, why we think the network you choose really is crucial. It can speed you up or slow you down. It can help your people become more productive or frustrate them with fluctuating file downloads and stop/start video calls. To put it bluntly, you can trust our network to be always on, always secure and always there.

If you’d like to know more about the UK’s best network and what it can do for your business, please get in touch with our team.


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