Switching Channels: Preparing for the PSTN and ISDN Switch-Off

21/03/24 Wavenet
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What's happening?

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) are the traditional infrastructure supporting the UK’s phonelines and broadband. However, these outdated systems are being phased out, with the stop-sell already put in place. The deadline for the switch-off is December 31st, 2025. After that date, your legacy systems simply will not work.

Why should you care?

Here's why this switch-off is critical for your business:

  • Disruption to Business Operations: Failure to migrate to new technologies before the deadline could lead to disruptions in your communication systems, hindering your ability to connect with customers and colleagues.
  • Potential Loss of Functionality: Legacy landline features may not be supported by the new infrastructure. Ensure you understand the functionalities offered by the new systems and plan accordingly.
  • Increased Costs: Delaying the migration process may result in additional costs associated with rushed implementation or potential compatibility issues.

Taking action

Here are some key steps to prepare for the switch-off:

  • Talk to Your Account Manager: Discuss your migration plan with your account manager to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Evaluate Your Needs: What communication tools does your business rely on? Identify your essential features and research the best replacement technologies.
  • Spread the Word: Inform everyone in your company about the switch-off and any upcoming changes to communication procedures.


Don't wait! By taking proactive steps now, you can avoid potential disruptions and ensure a seamless transition for your business.

Want to learn more?

Our eBook provides additional information on the switch-off and the available migration options. Download it today and get prepared!

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