Ensuring you are complying with Regulator of Social Housing (RSH)

11/09/23 Wavenet
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In recent years, housing associations have come under increased scrutiny as key issues in tenant satisfaction surfaced by the Social Housing White Paper and Regulator of Social Housing (RSH).


A 2021 report by AWH Solicitors showed a 134% increase in neglect and disrepair cases in the UK between 2017 and 2021.

The identified issues have forced the RSH to take action, resulting in tighter tenant satisfaction measures and regulations by requiring:

  • Compliance with existing governance standards
  • Compliance with Financial Viability standards
  • Quality customer service
  • Competence in handling complaints
  • Respectful and helpful tenant engagement

Housing associations must keep up with evolving customer standards with much more critical KPIs for regulatory compliance, tenant engagement and satisfaction.


Digital services matter in a hybrid world. Housing associations should endeavour to keep as many communication channels open as possible to keep up with lifestyle trends and engage tenants from all walks of life.

Expanding tenant communications usually means greater customer service costs. However, with APIs, housing associations can engage tenants in a timely and cost-efficient manner while keeping both service levels and employee satisfaction high.


Wavenet’s partnership with 8x8 provides XCaaS and Contact Centre that brings back office teams together onto a single platform for all communication channels, with cross-platform analytics to streamline reporting and automated surveys to maximise feedback.

On the 8x8 platform, agents are automatically presented with the tenant information, allowing them to provide personalised service and make the best suggestions based on past interactions.


Collaboration tools connect back-office, engineering teams and subject experts, empowering agents to make informed decisions and provide first-time resolutions.

Adopting new processes and technologies can help housing associations improve the service they offer and reduce complaints.

8x8 has transformed the way that we work, not only from an IT infrastructure perspective but also from a customer experience perspective.
Hassan Bahrani, Head of IT, Thirteen Group

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