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6 reasons your business needs better broadband

06/05/22 Wavenet
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While it can be tempting to sign up to the first broadband contract that comes along, there are good reasons why you shouldn’t. And if your current broadband isn’t up to the task, you shouldn’t cling to it either.


Here are six reasons why you should look for better broadband for your business.


Speed matters

Think about how much of what your customers do relies on the internet. Taking orders and payments. Managing theirr website. Processing invoices and staff wages. Doing their taxes. Ordering stock. And so much more.

If their broadband connection is slow, everything they do online will take longer than it needs to. And as the old saying goes, time is money. When it comes right down to it, a slow broadband connection is likely to hit them in the pocket.

A faster connection means less frustration and greater productivity.


Downtime costs money

Reliability is perhaps the most important factor for business broadband. Quite simply, if a connection isn’t available, a business can’t complete the tasks they need it for.

Of course, downtime affects businesses differently depending on what kind of work they do. But it’s never a good thing. In some cases, it can cause thousands of pounds of losses, as orders can’t be completed or customers take their business elsewhere.

When choosing a broadband provider, look for high levels of network uptime. The closer to 100%, the better.




Security is worth it

One of the major problems with being online is the risk of cyber attacks. In 2020, 46% of small businesses reported a cyber security breach. The average cost of these breaches was £8,170.

In the fight against cyber crime, everyone has to play their part – including broadband providers. While you can protect yourself by following best practice around internet use and passwords, broadband companies need to take care of security at the network level.

Make sure whoever’s taking care of your connection is also looking out for your online safety too.


The future is digital

A businesses broadband connection is going to become even more important in the near future. In 2025, the UK’s old analogue phone network is being switched off. From then, all businesses will need to have digital, internet-based phone systems instead.

Add in rising levels of video calling and file sharing, and it’s clear that businesses are going to need a connection that can keep up. Your customers don’t want to sign up to a long-term contract for a broadband connection that’s going to hold them back in the years ahead.

Support your customers with future-proof connectivity, which will be able to handle the extra demands of the digital future.




Competitive advantage

No business exists in a vacuum. Competitors will be looking for ways to get ahead, so your customers need to do the same. Having a better broadband connection could be part of that.

If rivals have faster, more reliable connectivity, they might be able to work more efficiently or provide better customer service. Unless your customers upgrade, they could fall behind.

Always keep an eye on new and upcoming technology, so  you can ensure your customers' competitors don’t get the upper hand.


Pay for what they need

Sometimes, bundled services or added extras can be great. Your customers may have their broadband connection with all kinds of wonderful products and services bolted on. But that's not so great if they don’t actually need them, especially if they’re tied into a contract.

Many businesses don’t need anything more than a straightforward broadband connection (although they might want to add a digital phone service now or in the future).

But as a good broadband provider we won't try to sell extras that aren’t useful. We’ll explain what everything does and why it’s genuinely right for your customers and their business.



Equip your customers with the connection their business deserves

With Broadband One your customer can choose from a range of speeds, right up to a superfast 1Gbps over full-fibre. It’s backed by the BT network, so it offers availability of 99.999% – so you can be confident your customers will stay connected.

That speed and reliability makes Broadband One the ideal foundation for digital phone services when your customers are ready to upgrade to them. They won’t have to change broadband later when the old phone network is switched off in 2025.

Broadband One is also fuss-free, without any unnecessary added. For more information about Broadband One, get in touch, and let’s talk about getting you connected.


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