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96% of organisations believe that effective network observability improves customer experience.

As businesses seek to improve consumer satisfaction rates, they need access to real-time insights that enable them to detect and troubleshoot issues, optimise performance and enhance security across complex and distributed networks.

With intelligent observability solutions, you can gain a 360 view of your infrastructure, network and applications, boost reliability and maintain a competitive edge.

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Network observability solutions combine the latest technologies to collect, analyze, and visualize data from your network, helping you stay ahead of the curve and mitigate against risks.



Drives automation

To speed delivery and reduce incidents.


Minimises downtime

By quickly identifying and resolving network issues.


Detect and respond

Quickly to security threats, safeguarding data and systems.


Enhance traffic management

To identify bottlenecks.


Reduce costs

To operatios and infrastructure through efficient resource allocation.


Scalable and flexible

To meet the needs of evolving network infrastructures.

Intent Based Network Automation

Full visibility of the network, with notifications to alert support teams when something changes.

Features and benefits:

  • Proactive incident management

  • Continual audit/compliance reporting

  • Higher levels of uptime

  • Reduced impact on customers and end users, minimising dissatisfaction

  • Lower network support costs, leading to optimised resource allocation

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Identity Based Segmentation

A unified approach to asset control, providing enhanced visibility over business infrastructure.

Features and benefits:

  • Consistent access and segmentation control policies across all asset types (users, devices, applications)

  • Enhanced time to value due to minimal (no) network topology changes and no additional (minimal) hardware 

  • Reduced risk of cyber incidents

  • Minimal (reduced) security costs

Secure Cloud Networking 

Automated deployment of cloud infrastructure for enhanced traffic visibility and heightened security. 

Features and benefits:

  • Fully automated cloud infrastructure deployment across single / multi cloud

  • Reduced gaps in visibility of cloud environments

  • Performance monitoring, anomaly detection and advanced troubleshooting

  • Fully distributed security stack across all clouds from a single pane of glass

  • Cost visibility and control

  • Enables faster adoption of public cloud services, allowing faster, cheaper time to market

  • Reduced risk of data loss

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Firewall compliance

Optimised firewall rules for comprehensive change management and improved security.

Features and benefits:

  • Effective, automated firewall change management processes

  • Accurate audit and compliance reporting

  • Clear application flows for enhanced understanding of interdependencies

  • Fully integrated into ITSM

  • Enhanced visibility of application paths across a network

  • Reduced risk of breaches

  • Extended firewall lifespan

Packet level visibility

Full packet level visibility into network traffic across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Features and benefits:

  • A more consistent monitoring environment

  • Reduced cost of monitoring complex hybrid networks

  • Increased tool efficiency and effectiveness More efficient tools for complete visibility

  • Increased coverage of the monitoring environment for reduced security risk and minimal downtime

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Wavenet is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) of industry-leading network solutions. Having established long-standing partnerships with some of the top technology providers on the planet, Wavenet empowers organisations with the latest and greatest network observability solutions, all underpinned by cutting-edge technology.

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