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17/11/20 Wavenet
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In no other sector is the timely flow of clear information as critical as in legal services. Your communications platform needs to do more than just make and receive calls. With constant time pressures and so much work done over the phone, the solution you choose needs to offer better ways of working and tools that make your life easier. You’ll find both in Wholesale Hosted Communications.

The challenges

  • Law firms are being forced to keep their costs down as clients want to reduce their legal bills.
  • Like anywhere else, IT departments in law firms are under pressure to deliver more with less money.
  • Clients of law firms expect a professional service and legal contacts that are easy to reach. With a lot of work done over the phone, this area is always being reviewed.
  • Too many employees are tied to their desks.


The solution

  • Legal firms can look forward to great times ahead: WHC will improve client relationships, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Our conference and collaboration tools make it easy for teams in different places to share information and content so that they can make informed decisions on legal cases. Why just talk through something as complex as legal text when you can share documents on your computer screens?
  • With our ‘UC One’ clients for tablets, laptops and mobile devices, your staff can work productively from almost anywhere. To maintain confidentiality, they can also use their business identity and number from their own device when contacting clients.
  • UC One enables your staff to see the availability of their colleagues and how best to contact them. They can also send instant messages, perfect for private conversations in public spaces.
  • For your regulatory compliance obligations there’s also call recording, which has the added bonus of allowing you to use the recording to provide evidence in client disputes, which will save you loads of time and effort.


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The benefits


Better mobile working

  • Employees with mobiles can be contacted anywhere, so they don’t have to be restricted to the office.

  • Our solutions support hot-desk and flexible working policies, enabling you to introduce agile working practices.


Greater versatility

  • WHC opens up a world of valuable IP and cloud-based solutions, such as call recording.


Stronger client relationships

  • Your calls will always be answered quickly with hunt groups, and always put through to the right person with auto attendant.

  • Keep your cases moving, share information and keep your clients happy with voice and video tools that will improve not just the way you communicate, but streamline the way you work.


Lower costs

  • Clients are increasingly concerned about how law firms control their costs – you can address this issue by reducing your costs whilst also improving your communications.

  • With WHC you’ll enjoy lower rental charges and cheaper calls.


Business continuity and disaster recovery 

  • WHC is remotely hosted within our environment, removing single points of failure. And as all services and features are in the cloud, you can keep your business running in the event of local issues.

  • You’ll never miss an important call. Features such as ‘call forward not reachable’ allow each user to have a back-up phone number, which is used automatically if their desk phone can’t be reached.

  • You can even configure all of a user’s phones to ring at once, ending when one phone is answered. That’s perfect for those in your team that are always on the move.


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