Wavenet connected

Game changing tech platform for flex space and commercial real estate


Our intelligent Gateway platform is built for the needs of every landlord. 

A middleware platform that connects your customers, our technology solutions, your buildings, and your whole portfolio.

Delivering visibility across asset estates for connectivity and Wi-Fi. Centralising systems with API driven dashboards, optimisation and management tools, automation, and provisioning. 

Plus, easy self-serve functionality including the launch of ecommerce, real time provisioning and management and integration of third-party systems to enhance automation.

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market leading features

Designed for flexspace, traditional, multi-tenants, and business parks

We've taken all our experience of supporting thousands of businesses across single sites and large building portfolios. And built Gateway to deliver the tools and dashboards that landlord, building operators and their customers need.


Analysis of network status for every building and space

Asset 1-1

Access customer profiles across your whole building portfolio

Asset 7

Track and manage support tickets and their status

Asset 35

See billing and revenue overviews

Asset 57

Monitor networks down to device level

Asset 4

Manage Wi-Fi credentials

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Gain full visibility

Streamline and automate routine tasks throughout the entire infrastructure stack.

Effectively govern and oversee in-building networks in real-time, facilitating swift and effortless provisioning of digital services for non-technical personnel.

Enable instantaneous provisioning of services to customers with a simple process, ensuring real-time delivery and convenience.

Your customers can self-serve and manage their users within the system and order new services, quickly and easily.

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