Privacy Policy

We believe your private information should be just that, private. Clearly, to operate our services we sometimes need to collect some personal information about you. Wavenet is committed to data security and has invested heavily in robust systems that are both ISO27001:2013 and Data Protection Act 2018 compliant with regular audits by external UKAS approved certification auditors. This policy explains what we do and why we do it.

What we collect

We ask for your name, business email address and service address details, sometimes this address might be a personal address. We need this data for the purposes of fulfilling the contractual obligations to provide a service.

How we store the information

We take great care to keep all your data secure, all data is kept within secure computer systems that are all ISO27001 certified and the data is all kept in the EU.

These computers are housed in secure data centres with heavily restricted access with numerous levels of security to prevent unauthorised access to those servers including firewalls and complex passwords.

What we do with the information

The primary use of the data we collect is to provide you with a service when providing this service we require contact & location details to fulfil this contract and adhere to Ofcom regulatory requirements.

Who we share the information with

To help us deliver our services we use various 3rd party companies. We asses all these companies to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act, our Privacy Policy, and to ensure your data remains in safe hands.

Retention and Destruction

Wavenet will process data for the period required to set up the contract and will store the data for the term that the contract exists, plus 7 years.

What we don’t and won’t ever do

We don’t and never will sell or rent your information to any 3rd party.

Updates to this policy

We update this privacy policy from time-to-time, particularly as technology changes. We suggest you check back from time to time for the latest version.

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