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Wavenet Education

Remote Backups for Schools & Education

Getting you back up and running after an attack without consequences.

Backup tapes in a server rack.

Remote Backup Features

Where multiple products and services are available to protect your school or educational facility from cyber threats, the ultimate protection is to be able to suffer an attack and recover immediately, with no downtime or repercussions.

Wavenet offers a comprehensive remote backup solution that does just that. Getting you back up and running after an attack without consequences.

Our Remote Backup Features:

  • Secure, remote, daily off-site backup solution
  • Resilient storage platform across 2 data centres
  • Data is securely encrypted
  • 50GB+ storage options
  • Cloud-based management portal
  • Real-time data restore available
  • Industry-leading backup technology
Backup tapes in a server rack.
Engineers working in a server room.

The benefits of having a Remote Backup solution

  • Operate in the knowledge that your school will be able to recover in the event of a cyber attack
  • Cloud-based solution means for no hardware to store or maintain on-site, saving time and resource
  • Benefit from the peace of mind of knowing all your school data is safe, secure and recoverable at any time
  • A fully automated set and forget system requiring no on-site expertise or management
  • Full support is offered by Wavenet to help you get the most out of your deployment, and best value
  • An easily scalable solution, allowing data to be backed up centrally from multiple locations, protecting your entire school’s data, wherever it’s located

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