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Email & Internet Filtering for Schools & Education

Ensure the well-being of your students and the protection of your network.

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About our MailProtect service

In a world where a cyber-attack can have disastrous consequences for business, it’s important that proper protection is in place against emailable threats.

MailProtect is a sophisticated, cloud-hosted, email filtering system that harnesses the combined strength of multiple market-leading technologies (CloudMark, Cyren, SpamHaus, Sophos) to offer protection against email-borne viruses, malware, fraud and phishing, as well as filtering un-wanted bulk mail.

Our service features:

  • Cloud-hosted management portal

  • Daily spam digest reports

  • Protects from malware, viruses and phishing

  • Helps protect from spam

  • Configurable block lists at organisation level

  • Helps protect against Denial of Service attacks

  • Included support from UK-based service desk

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Services Designed for Schools

The benefits of Email Filtering


No hardware 

Eliminate the need for purchasing, managing, or maintaining any hardware on-site, resulting in significant savings in both time and cost.


Set and forget

Experience peace of mind and eliminate unnecessary work with our reliable and hassle-free 'set and forget' feature.


Cutting-edge technology

Experience the ultimate in protection with cutting-edge technology sourced from the top providers in the market, ensuring you receive unparalleled comprehensive security.


Control permissions

Take charge of your email permissions and have complete control over allowing or disallowing messages on your own terms.



Adapts seamlessly to schools of any size or scale, ensuring a future-proof solution that evolves with your needs.

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About our WebScreen service

Though the internet can be a powerful tool for any organisation there is plenty of undesirable content that may be inappropriate for users. That is why our WebScreen platform gives your school the ability to choose its own permissions to ensure your users benefit from all the great content the Internet has to offer, without risk of exposure to unwanted material.

A secure web-based management facility allows accounts to be added, edited and retired. To maintain the accuracy of data following its adoption, WebScreen supports automated update tools that extract information directly from a school’s MIS.

Services Designed for Schools

The benefits of Internet Filtering 


Flexible policies 

Cutting-edge technology that combines IP, user, and time-based parameters, offering users the perfect blend of flexibility and control to access tailored content.


Customized for your needs

Empowering schools with complete control over their filtering policies, enabling them to have as much control as desired without relying on third parties and eliminating any time delays.



With comprehensive reporting, you can effectively track and oversee your school's internet usage, enabling you to promptly address any potential instances of misuse.


Real-time protection

The collective wisdom gained from the browsing habits of millions of WebScreen users ensures users' safety by instantly blocking and safeguarding against inappropriate websites.



Receive comprehensive support from our dedicated UK-based service desk.

HTTPS Decryption

To protect data in transport across the internet, browsers, and cloud apps use encryption. As you connect to websites, an encrypted connection is established between your browser and the website, around 80% of websites on the internet now use HTTPS encryption.

Usually, anything you see after the domain suffix is encrypted, therefore invisible to your web filtering, HTTPS Decryption allows your establishment to inspect encrypted traffic and its contents, thus giving your establishment more granular control over your web filtering.

Advantages of using HTTPS Decryption:

  • Improved Security: HTTPS decryption allows schools to analyse encrypted traffic, making it easier to identify and block malicious content, malware, phishing attempts, and other cyber threats that may be hidden within HTTPS-encrypted websites.
  • Content Filtering: With HTTPS decryption, schools can apply granular content filtering policies, restricting access to inappropriate or harmful websites that may otherwise be hidden behind encryption. 
  • Monitoring & Reporting: Decrypted HTTPS traffic allows schools to monitor students' internet activity more effectively.
  • Compliance & Policy Enforcement: Schools often have acceptable use policies for internet usage. HTTPS decryption ensures that students and staff adhere to the guidelines established by the school.
  • Threat Detection & Prevention: Decrypting HTTPS traffic enables the inspection of web content for potential threats that may be missed by traditional security measures.
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