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Empowering your teams to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

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Service overview

Managing a modern day contact centre efficiently can be a difficult task falling on supervisors and contact centre managers. The right Workforce Optimisation solution can help you ensure your organisation is appropriately staffed with empowered and engaged employees, providing outstanding customer experiences.

Wavenet partner with leading WFO vendors and help design, implement, and support the solution ensuring you have a solution that truly fits your business needs, and enabling you to focus on your staff and customers.


Workforce Management

Optimize staffing with accurate multi-skill, multi-channel forecasts and schedules, real-time adherence, intraday management, and more.


Interaction Analytics

Analyse 100% of your captured interactions to detect trends, automate the quality process, and identify where good and bad customer service occurs.


Performance Management

Maximize everyone’s contribution to success by sharing operational metrics, key performance indicators, and service level agreement statistics.


CRM Integration

Seamlessly embed WFO functionality with industry leading CRM vendors 


Quality Management

Maximize agent performance with multi-channel evaluations, real-time agent desktop monitoring and assistance, and automated scoring and evaluation selection.


Interaction Recording

Full-time recording of your customer interactions along with agent screens and keep them safe in encrypted storage.

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