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20/10/19 Wavenet
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A robust and reliable network connection is integral to ensuring your organisation remains online and accessible 24 hours a day.


From broadband to MPLS and SD-WAN, remaining connected is the lifeblood of your organisation. Whilst many local authorities have historically relied on legacy-tech, this is no longer a viable option for an increasingly digital world. With more citizens demanding to do more online than ever before, it's important your network can cope.


Connectivity should be more than just delivering a good internet speed and a reliable connection, it should be used to enable, and underpin digital transformation efforts and kick-start smart city initiatives.

With an effective connection, you are able to digitise many services managed by the council, from booking GP appointments to paying council tax and scheduling waste removal.


Better connectivity can have a positive impact on the local area in many ways. Enhancing schooling, allowing remote learning with access to videos and supporting assets, and delivering better ICT services in schools. Robust network connections allow towns, cities and whole regions to be connected and for public sector organisations, failing to address network and connectivity issues can have significant impacts on economic growth, employment and housing.




A reliable broadband connection is the driving force of your organisation and should be viewed as the fourth utility. 

Broadband is the most basic level of connectivity and whilst fibre broadband is the best option in terms of performance it may not be available everywhere, ADSL will allow your organisation to benefit from near-nationwide coverage and high-speed connections. As Wavenet supply broadband directly to your public sector organisation, your speeds will remain unaffected by residential traffic.



Fibre Ethernet


Fibre Ethernet increases agility, flexibility and efficiency. With high speeds both day and night you will minimise the experience of your network slowing down or suffer from an inability to connect.

Fibre Ethernet provides an ultra-low-latency that means your organisation and staff remain connected, essential for critical services to remain online.

Wavenet provides a fibre ethernet connection that guarantees speeds of up to 10gbs, backed with a fully monitored circuit and 24/7, 365 support.



Leased Lines


Leased lines are a private internet connection with guaranteed speeds and unrivalled reliability.

Leased lines are the perfect option for any public sector organisation where being offline is simply not an option, these are the best option for healthcare providers and any other public sector organisation that requires 24/7 connectivity.





Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) speeds up data transfer across an interconnected private network. 

Having a private network offers a host of additional benefits, including, enhanced security, scalability, network resilience and improvements in business efficiency.

An MPLS network should be considered by all public sector organisations that require a high security and high-performance network. 



SD-WAN/WAN Optimisation


SD-WAN solutions augment existing MPLS networks with a secure broadband connection. This dramatically reduces WAN costs and complexity.

One of the biggest benefits of SD-WAN that it gives you full network visibility and the ability to manage your network from one portal. 

For public sector organisations looking to future-proof their networks, SD-WAN is a key solution to consider. Wavenet partner's with Silver Peak to provide world-class SD-WAN and WAN Op solutions tailor-made for your organisation.




Why Wavenet?


Wavenet has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) new Network Services 2 (RM3808) framework. We are proud to be able to support many more businesses in the public sector in the drive to a fully digitally transformed organisation.


Wavenet's inclusion on the RM3808 framework allows us to deliver these solutions with a commitment to improving services, productivity and efficiency whilst supporting you in your digital transformation.






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