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Business broadband

Supercharge your efficiency with fast and reliable business broadband.

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As vital as water, gas and electricity

Internet Access is often described as the fourth utility. To many businesses, it’s as vital as water, gas, and electricity. Our business broadband provides faster speeds, higher reliability, and additional features that support the demands of professional environments. As part of a range of connectivity solutions Business Broadband Services are the starting point for many businesses.

With the retirement of the old copper network and the introduction of new fibre ethernet services such as SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access), and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) businesses have increased performance to support new services such as online collaboration, cloud-based applications, and IP Voice. 

Remember, with the old PSTN network being switched off in 2025, you’ll need to check the status of any older connected systems, such as alarms, EPOS systems, or CCTV equipment. If you’re not sure what systems will be affected, contact us to find out.

With speeds of up to 80Mbps for SoGEA and 1Gbps for FTTP (where available) the latest generation of business connectivity options are ideal for digital enterprises of all sizes.  


Our Business Broadband deals are competitively priced and are backed up by our renowned service levels – just read our 5-Star Trustpilot reviews.



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Enhanced connectivity

With almost 40% of UK businesses investing in their connectivity in the past year, superfast broadband has become a necessity. 

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Network optimisation

Our Quality-of-Service options ensure your network is optimised, to streamline data traffic and reduce packet loss.


A superfast experience

With speeds of up to 40Mbps, faster than some private leased lines, our broadband will enable better efficiency.

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Priority coverage

We only supply broadband to businesses, so your connection is our priority, this minimises the impact of residential traffic.

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Your technology partner

We’ll work with you to ensure you always have access to the latest, proven emerging technologies from leading suppliers.

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Future-proof technology

We keep a close eye on the latest emerging technologies and innovations, to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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