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17/11/20 Wavenet
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The manufacturing industry relies heavily on old phone systems (PBXs). However, these are expensive and are becoming difficult to manage, so a newer, more efficient system is needed. The move to modern cloud communications that can help to drive productivity is the next step forward.


The challenges

  • Traditional PBXs are becoming increasingly unreliable and harder and more expensive to maintain.
  • Manufacturers with several sites can end up with many different PBXs, which could have different firmware, different manufacturers and different communication methods.
  • It’s difficult to find the budget for the initial capital costs associated with new, onsite phone systems.
  • PBXs lack the flexible-working solutions that employers now want in order to boost their productivity.
  • A traditional PBX may not have the same ability to provide in depth analytical tools.


The solution

  • The great news for manufacturers is that Wholesale Hosted Communications can replace all your scattered PBXs with a single, central PBX. You can even remove your PBXs that aren’t fit-for-purpose or replace them entirely with our full-IP cloud communications solution.
  • It will also give you access to loads of new cloud features (such as instant messaging, analytics and voice recording).
  • A fibre network that can run the data systems between all your locations and data centres will be worth its weight in gold. The best way to build one is by using our full IP voice service, which runs across the same fibre internet connections via routers.
  • The only new equipment you’ll need is Internet Protocol (IP) desk phones, which users simply plug into existing data network sockets at their desks. Any wall-mounted phones can be fitted with IP adaptors, so they can also use the converged data network.
  • A full range of IP phones and peripherals is available as part of the WHC experience.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a desk phone on your mobile phone with the Office UC app. See the availability of colleagues at a glance and communicate quickly and easily using IM or voice calling over mobile data networks. Calls are free when using the app.
  • Improve customer experience with call centre features such as a welcome message, in-queue messages and clever routing to ensure that customers are put through to the right person.
  • Analyse and manage customer service levels


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The benefits


Lower costs

  • WHC reduces the number of connections you need, as well as the associated maintenance costs.
  • You save on set-up and call costs.
  • You avoid the cost of maintaining and upgrading your PBX and ISDN: with full IP voice,


Managing calls, anytime, anywhere

  • You can work anywhere, using one number with the company calling plan.
  • Your employees can make free internal calls using the UC Office app on their laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Your sales team will be in closer contact with customers and employees – which will improve the flow of information, your decision-making and will ultimately help you to give a better customer service.


Better customer experience

  • Give consistent customer service wherever you work from with unified communication tools that allow you to take your office phone capabilities with you.
  • Get real-time and daily insight reports so you can measure what’s happening in customer services and how and where to improve.


Meeting changing needs

  • New users are set up in minutes. No more lengthy lead-times.
  • Software upgrades are delivered automatically over-the-air. You don’t need to wait for an onsite visit or to buy more hardware to get the latest communication tools.


Great reliability

  • Our next-generation network is world-class in its security and resilience.
  • All maintenance and upgrades are taken care of by your Service Provider, so you can get on with running your operations.
  • As standard we provide a free, advanced fraud management system. It’s a sophisticated network-based tool that offers you peace of mind against call fraud.




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