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17/11/20 Wavenet
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There are many different businesses within this sector that need cutting-edge communications to succeed. They face the challenges of competitive markets, multisite operations and the need to provide a consistently good customer service. But when it comes to the best solutions, our Wholesale Hosted Communications are just the ticket.

The challenges

  • Estate agents need to answer the phone within a few rings, as a customer could be calling to view, make an offer or sell a property.
  • In a highly competitive market, customers will go to other estate agents if their call isn’t answered.
  • Moving house is a stressful time for your customers, so providing a great service can be a key differentiator.
  • Many estate agents have a range of sites with a mixture of PBX systems, which are expensive and difficult to manage.
  • Staff are always on the move, so it can be difficult to get hold of the right person.
  • Pressure from a new wave of online agents risks driving down costs.


The solution

  • Life is now going to be that little bit easier for estate agents: a single, streamlined communications solution will cover all your offices and mobile staff: Wholesale Hosted Communications.
  • WHC is the perfect solution for estate agents with multiple sites.
  • Manage how you treat your calls with hold music or messages updating your latest activities, all administered from a simple business portal.
  • You won’t be missing customers. With insight on the calls you make and take you can identify your busy periods with simple graphical analysis.
  • You can also ensure that customer calls to any part of the company are answered within a few rings by the most appropriate person, wherever they’re based, with group call handling.
  • For your agents that are always on the move, you can configure all their phones (desk and mobile) to ring at once. And they can keep in close contact wherever they are with our mobile app, where they can see the availability of colleagues and send instant messages.
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) platform integration brings up a caller’s records on the PC as the agent answers the call, and they can record notes for follow-up conversations so that you can deliver a great service.


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The benefits


Rationalised communications

  • Get rid of the have the hassle and expense of different PBXs at different sites and control your communications centrally, allowing smoother call management.


Greater reach

  • Give yourself a local identity, and publish a range of local numbers. With overflow call management you can answer the call for that geographical area wherever you are.

  • WHC is quick and easy to set up and you can easily move offices to new locations, taking the company number with you.


Better customer service

  • Calls are answered by a free staff member, wherever they’re based, so you don’t lose any business.

  • Your customers will know you’re on top of things with CRM integration giving your agents all the information that’s relevant to the caller so that they can deal with every call effectively.


Lower costs

  • Internal calls are free, even to mobiles that use our app, so you won’t need to buy, upgrade or maintain an onsite telephone system.

  • The app also supports ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies, so your agents that use their own mobiles can benefit, but can also easily separate business and personal calls.




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