Collaborate Safely and Securely with M365

31/01/22 Wavenet
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Remote and Hybrid Working


COVID- 19 has changed the world forever, none more so than the world of business where most of our daily activities are now conducted virtually.

With this shift we have seen an increase in criminal activity, targeting businesses and individuals with phishing emails, COVID-19 related scams and cyber attacks.

So how do we remain safe in this new world whilst still having the flexibility to work collaboratively and to conduct our working life online?

Microsoft 365 can create a secure modern workplace allowing you to safely collaborate in real-time whilst protecting against cyber threats, data loss and identity theft.

Collaboration is a key part of working, with 75% of business leaders believing effective collaboration is crucial to the success of their business.

Microsoft 365 facilitates collaboration in 3 key ways;

  • Real-time teamwork
  • Online meetings from anywhere
  • External Collaboration

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Real-time teamwork with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the hero platform for collaboration with 115 million global users. It allows you to work together in one solution for real-time communication and collaboration, with endless possibilities for customisation with integrated apps.

  • Easily access files, chats and apps in one single workspace whether you are using desktop, web or mobile.

  • Co-edit files simultaneously using M365 apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Stay in touch and collaborate through 1:1 chat and conversations centred around teams and projects.


Host high-quality online meetings from anywhere.

Microsoft Teams provides the perfect platform to host audio, video and web meetings for both internal and external participants. Easily share content, present ideas and record training all from one secure platform.

  • Take the headache out of meetings with meeting scheduling assistant, collaborative note-taking and screen sharing abilities.

  • Record, translate and transcribe meetings for easy sharing and replay.

  • High-quality audio, video underpinned by enterprise-grade security and compliance as standard.

  • Enhanced accessibility options such as Live captions, In-Message translation and Meeting recording transcriptions.


External Collaboration

Bring your partners, customers and colleagues in one place to chat, meet, call and collaborate.
Secure guest access allows you to work with teams outside of your organisation without concerns of data security.

  • Easy, secure external guest access allows you to collaborate with people outside of your organisation without granting access to existing teams and channels.

  • Schedule a Teams meeting with anyone who has a valid email address.

  • MaKe and receive phone calls from anywhere with Teams inbuilt cloud-based phone system.


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Teams allows you to do more. To work faster, better and smarter. To collaborate safely and securely and to keep on top of version control. All on one simple, user-friendly platform.

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