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Why Small Business Owners Need Call Recording

16/01/15 Wavenet
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Just imagine the day that you receive a Dear John email from a client. They state that their enquiry wasn’t dealt with in the right way and now they’re leaving you.

There’s nothing more frustrating for growing businesses than customer complaints and if they are ignored by the business, no-one learns and corrective action to mitigate further similar incidents doesn’t happen.
Nobody likes to lose business, especially long term and loyal customers, but it can take just one badly handled enquiry to lose them.

By installing a call recorder in your office you not only send a message out to all staff that standards need to be maintained in your business but you also can handle any disputes, complaints and growing pains your business might be experience.

Who said what?

Businesses communicate in two main ways, email and telephone. Most modern email systems keep a store of all messages on the server so you’re pretty much covered if matters arise over email. However if an incident occurs over the telephone then it's often a case of ‘Who said what?’ Not only is it risky business challenging a customer on what they believed to have happened but it can also potentially lose you a member or staff if you default to the customer’s belief.

Recording calls in an office provides complete transparency on all telephone calls and you’ll not be caught out with the old ‘he said, she said’ scenario.
As Directors and Owners of business we have a responsibility to protect our staff and our customers. You spend a long time building the company so why not protect it fully.

I think of it like an insurance policy. After we got our new call recorder I am still surprised to see how many times we use it and how much the staff enjoy the safety net of having their calls recorded.

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