What happens when Dot11 Managed Wi-Fi goes live in my building?

There's no disruption to internet services when Dot11 goes live, just get connected to the new superfast service.

When Dot11 goes live in a building, we often get asked a number of questions about the service and what happens. We've answered some of the most common below. 

If your question isn't covered here, email your Customer Experience Manager (connectedexperience@wavenetuk.com) and we'll get you an answer.

How do I connect?

You can find out in this article: https://uk.wavenetuk.com/knowledge/how-do-i-connect-to-dot-11-wi-fi

Can I use my own Wi-Fi Access Point?

No.  Any non-Dot11 access points will need to be removed because these access points will be conflicting rather than co-operating and damages Wi-FI connectivity across the whole building. You can read this article about congestion types

Will it be secure?

Yes, you will log into the Wi-Fi Network with a unique username and
password. It means you can log into your own network anywhere in
your building  and individuals are protected from each other.

Users from other companies will not be able to see you – so even if you are in
the café you will be privately connecting to your network.

Can I access my network?

You can access data and your network from the wireless connection;
securely and with a reliable connection.

Can I access my servers?

Yes, you can you do this via the wireless connection through your
private network.

Is there a limit on devices I can connect?

You can connect up to five devices per user. If you wish to connect
additional devices you can with a monthly cost. 

Will my printers work on the new Dot11 Wi-Fi service?

Yes, there will be a network for printers and smart devices within the Dot11 Wi-Fi network with its own SSID, which you can access using a simple password authentication. Wavenet will help you set up your printers and other smart devices.

If your Printer is currently connected using wired connectivity the you won’t have to make any changes. Dott11 Wi-Fi is uniquely associated to your unit/units and current Network. Dot11 Wi-Fi is simply a way to wirelessly connect to your office network.

How can my guests/visitors connect to the Wi-Fi?

There will be SSIDs for visitors and guests within the Dot11 Wi-Fi network. The guest Wi-Fi will be accessible through a landing page that grants users 1 hour of internet access. Visitor Wi-Fi access can be granted by your administrator and provides unlimited access until deactivated.

What if I'm in contract with my current Wi-Fi provider?

We understand that this might not be ideal, but for the benefit of whole building community, we do ask that you make the switch to the new Dot11 Wi-Fi service. The new Wi-Fi service is funded by Workspace and managed by Wavenet, ensuring your business and staff stay secure. This is a value-added service, and you won't incur any additional costs.

How many users can I connect to the new service?

We have capped the number of users and devices that each company can activate to ensure the estate is managed effectively and kept secure. If you need more users, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll be happy to help.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email. We're excited to bring you this new solution and can't wait for you to experience the benefits of fast, secure, and reliable Wi-Fi. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.